Constitution and By-Laws


American Legion Riders Constitution and By-Laws

Following passage of Resolution 35, which recognized The American Legion Riders as a program of the American Legion on a nationwide basis, a constitution and bylaws for the program was drafted by Internal Affairs.


  • ALL ALR members MUST be Legion Family members.
    • “ALR members”, as mentioned herein, includes any type as appropriate to your bylaws – full, supporting, or special class.
    • “Legion Family” as mentioned herein does not refer to an ALR member’s family, but refers to members of the primary organizations of The American Legion: The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion.
    • Further, and specifically: there can be no class of membership within The American Legion Riders which does not first require membership in one of the primary Legion organizations.
    • This is not negotiable.
  • All members, other than those allowed for in your bylaws as Supporting Members or as Special Class members, must be either the owner of a motorcycle meeting the requirements set forth in your by-laws, or the spouse of an ALR member who is also the owner of such a motorcycle.
    • Said motorcycle must be registered and insured as appropriate to the applicable state or local laws where the owner resides.
    • Registrant of motorcycle must carry necessary endorsement or license as appropriate to the applicable state or local laws where the motorcycle is registered.
    • The motorcycle owner must also be an ALR member in order for their spouse to be considered eligible.
    • This is not negotiable.
  • No backpatch other than that available on Emblem Sales is authorized.
    • This is not negotiable.